Certifications & Credentials

Here is a list of certifications, courses, and workshops I've taken that have served to enhance my fitness expertise and influence my teaching style:

Animal Flow Instructor | Animal Flow

Joint Mobility and Movement Specialist - Lower Body | Agatsu

Joint Mobility and Movement Specialist - Upper Body | Agatsu 

Primal Movement Chain Workshop | Stop Chasing Pain w/ Dr. Perry Nicholston

Mobility Trainer | Mobility WOD w/ Dr. Danny Matta

Nutrition Coach | Precision Nutrition 

Fitness Trainer | International Sports Sciences Association

Specialist in Sports Nutrition | International Sports Sciences Association

Personal Trainer | Canadian Professional Trainers Network

Bootcamp Instructor | Canadian Fitness Professionals

Personal Trainer Specialist | Canadian Fitness Professionals

Fitness and Lifestyle Management | George Brown College


This section is a running list of times I've been featured in, or been a guest on, articles, podcasts, and shows of various media outlets.

JUNE 2017.

I was contacted by an editor for Air Canada's online frequent flyer community, The Altitude Report, to create an article with my top tips to stay active while travelling. With a large membership base (she told me it's in the millions), I felt very grateful they chose to reach out to me.

The full article is HERE on the Air Canada Altitude Report website.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.05.26 PM.png

Feb 2017.

I was featured in Toronto's popular online publication Blog TO, after being voted by it's readers as one of Toronto's Best Personal Trainers. With a readership of close to 500,000 people, this was a big honour for me. 

Full Article HERE on Blog TO

Dec 2016.

Featured on the Podcast/ Youtube interview show "Infinite Mastery," hosted by Self Esteem Coach and friend of mine, Richard Kuo.

[From the website] In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Julian went from all-star athlete to jail and then to a top-performing transformational fitness coach
  • Why it’s important to put the past behind us
  • Why fitness is so much more than just good looks
  • How to love yourself
  • How to build up your mental sharpness
  • The importance of “sitting time” aka meditation

Nov 2016.

Featured speaker for the Share Love Celebrate event at the Peter Gilgan Centre.

Spoke about "The Secret Catalyst of Transformation."  Building a strong relationship to yourself, through the vehicle of your fitness journey, will help you to show up in the world much more powerfully and purposefully. By working on identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and other emotional blocks, while working towards your ideal physique, you are elevating your entire being in every area of your life.

"If you transform the way you show up for yourself, you transform the way you show up for the world."

Oct 2016.

Guest featured on a TV show, The Dynamo Entrepreneur, where I spoke about some of the biggest lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur, fitness coach, and as an evolving person. Featured on the Rogers Cable TV Network.

Interview from 01:25 to 11:27 of the video below

Sept 2016.

Shared my personal story to a full of around 40 people on how I went from an all star athlete, to a depressed, self-destructive teen, to a fitness entrepreneur. My first public talk ever!

Hosted by 9-to-5 Narrative.

Aug 2016.

Featured article in The Asian Entrepreneur where I spoke about my battles with depression, my excitement for the fitness industry, the best advice I've ever received, and more.