Forget About Decline Presses

Q: "Is it true that decline bench presses could give me drooping, breast-like pecs?"

A: "Yes. Especially as you grow older. There is no convincing reason for a (lifter) to do decline presses at all. Even the flat bench press (can cause a similar effect).

... Don't bench except on an incline. No declines, no flats, just inclines. Your pecs will acquire a square, gladiator look to them. And because flat and incline are similar enough, if you test yourself on the flat you will do quite well."

- Answer by world renowned Strength Coach Pavel Tsatsouline


Score another point for incline pressing only.
To be clear, he continues by saying that you can still do flat bench - albeit with low volume only for strength, and then use incline to complete the aesthetics.

A proper bench press puts you in a declined position anyway. You'll certainly be putting your time to better use by not doing direct decline work in pursuit of glorious pectorals. And bench press is largely optional if your main goal is aesthetics.

I base my chest routine around Incline presses, weighted man-dips, and if I feel like it, some cable flys at different angles for a nice pump.


Comment below if you agree/ disagree that decline presses are useless