Here is a list of certifications, courses, and workshops I've taken that have served to enhance my fitness expertise and influence my teaching style:

Certified Animal Flow Instructor | Animal Flow

CertifiedJoint Mobility and Movement Specialist - Lower Body | Agatsu (coming June 2017)

Certified Joint Mobility and Movement Specialist - Upper Body | Agatsu 

Primal Movement Chain Workshop | Stop Chasing Pain w/ Dr. Perry Nicholston

Certified Mobility Trainer | Mobility WOD w/ Dr. Danny Matta

Certified Nutrition Coach | Precision Nutrition 

Certified Fitness Trainer | International Sports Sciences Association

Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition | International Sports Sciences Association

Certified Personal Trainer | Canadian Professional Trainers Network

Certified Bootcamp Instructor | Canadian Fitness Professionals

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist | Canadian Fitness Professionals

Fitness and Lifestyle Management | George Brown College