The following programs are available for 1 on 1 training. The in-person sessions are primarily focused on having efficient and effective workouts, refining and practicing proper technique, nutrition check ins, and warm up/joint preparation work to prevent injuries.
All programs come with your own workout tracker, so you will be able to do your own workouts at your home gym, outside of our sessions.

Sessions are hosted at a private facility in Yorkville called Sweat Shoppe. It is a client-only gym, so if you plan on working out by yourself, hang on to your gym membership! We do not offer memberships at Sweat Shoppe, only personal training sessions.


If you’re new to fitness (or “it’s been a while”), you’ll want to start with the The Fitness Catalyst Program.
This 12-week program is designed to get you off to a powerful start on your fitness journey.
90% of the clients I work with start with this program.

The Fitness Catalyst Program is done in 3 phases of 3 workouts per week.

Phase #1 Technique - Master your form for all exercises; learn where your limitations and flexibility imbalances are and correct them. 

Phase #2 Conditioning - Through a mix of different training methods, we're going to increase your strength, endurance, and boost your metabolism for accelerated fat loss, all in a few short weeks.

Phase #3 Starting Strength - Full body strength training workouts designed to make you strong in every aspect, lift heavy weights with confidence, and know you’re doing things properly.

Each of these unique phases last about 4 weeks. Therefore it is highly recommended to sign up for a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you're going to commit, do it with a "long term investment" mindset.

This program will bring noticeable results, yet I still regard it as a foundational training program to ingrain fitness fundamentals. My intention in designing this program is to get you off to a powerful start and set you up for long term success. 


  • You’re ready to start living a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to begin.

  • You want to learn the right techniques for every exercise so you don’t hurt yourself.

  • You don’t know how to structure a workout plan and want to learn the right way.

  • You just want to show up to workout and not have to think about what to do.

  • You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym and need a confidence boost.

  • You want professional, non-judgemental guidance that is friendly and accepting yet firm.

  • You want to have a strong body with great posture and core strength.

  • You want to learn healthy nutrition frameworks for weight management and fat loss.


The WOW Program is structured for rapid fat loss and muscle definition.
It's an intense 12-week program designed to get you in the best physical shape of your life.
If you have 10 pounds or more to lose, and you're not a beginner, this is your program.

The WOW program is done in 3 phases of 4-6 workouts per week.

Phase #1 Lean - To shock the system and begin the fat loss process.

Phase #2 Tighten - To firm the muscles and enhance the results.

Phase #3 Define - To focus on specific body parts and make them really stand out.

You'll notice the changes take effect within the first few weeks, and by the end of it you'll feel like a completely different person.
After the 12 weeks are complete, your friends and family will be saying one thing when they first lay eyes on you: “WOW!”


  • You have a lot of fat to lose, or simply want to lean out very quickly (5-10 pounds of fat per month)

  • You want to lose fat in a healthy, sustainable way without rebounding.

  • You're ready to drop clothing sizes.

  • You want to feel amazing about your body again.

  • You want to experience a strategic, scientific approach to sculpting your body.

  • You want to get your abs back.


This program is built for men looking for muscle growth, and women wanting to gain weight.
This 12-week program is made for people who are serious about wanting to build their physique.
It is best done leading up to a vacation, or event, where you want to look and feel your best.

The POWERHOUSE program is done in 3 phases of 4-6 workouts per week, split by body part.

Phase #1 Grow - In this phase the focus is increasing the size of the muscles immediately.

Phase #2 Chisel - This phase is about solidifying the gains from the grow phase, and continue to stimulate the body to create new muscle growth, in a firmer, longer lasting way.

Phase #3 Density - This the peak phase, the gains here will be long-lasting and will amplify the work you’ve put in for the last two phases.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to increase the size of your muscles in specific areas.

  • You want to gain weight.

  • You haven’t been seeing results in the gym doing what you’ve been doing.

  • You think building muscle takes long workouts (it doesn’t. These are 45 minutes.)

  • You want to understand, and put into action, what it takes to increase your muscle size

  • You want to feel confident without your shirt.