"Julian has a vast knowledge of the body paired with a natural intuitive ability to connect with his clients' needs - sometimes unbeknownst to them. He's a trainer with expertise in mind, body and spirit and that's the kind of guidance we need to truly transform." 

Dr. Rhea Mehta, PhD.
Founder of Global Smoothie Day

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 8.20.21 PM.png

"Julian is a beast of information and inspiration. I'm grateful to have gone through one of his programs. I feel stronger, fitter, and I'm comfortable on my own in any gym now."

Blake Fly
Professional Speaker at Blake Fly


"Julian is different. He knows that how you look on the outside is a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside, and so he starts with your mind. 

Julian honors where you are at, and assesses where you want to go, and walks beside you as you make deep changes. His knowledge of the body is unparalleled and will push you safely towards your goals, with a firm kindness that is unique. 

If you want to reach your fitness goals, if you want to transform your diet, if you want to see areas of your life improve that you didn't realize could or needed to, if you want to step into your highest self, Julian is your guy."

Sarah Garringer
Commercial Excellence Manager at
Smith & Nephew


"My experience with Julian was phenomenal. His presence and attention to detail are top notch. He's all around a great coach and genuinely cares about his clients' success."

Mitch Stern
Co-Founder of Station Cold Brew

"Julian is knowledgeable, passionate, and holds a creative approach to the mind and body connection. He carries a wealth of knowledge and is constantly learning and sharing with his clients. Julian will safely push you to your limits and ensure you're learning the why behind the how for long term success. Without a doubt, the best personal trainer I've ever worked with."

Alexandra de Sousa
Managing Director of Archangel Summit




"Julian listens and knows how to get the best results efficiently. Most importantly, his focus is not merely on aesthetics (though those come quickly), but also on functionality and mobility; valuing the true health of the physical body.

He's knowledgeable, professional, super supportive, and firm yet kind. He's in tune with the mindfullness aspects of physical transformation that many trainers are not and will happily provide you with helpful suggestions on the topic to really take you to the next level.

Julian is truly dedicated to his craft and will go out of his way to make sure you, as his client, are clear and on track. His expertise and positive support is exactly what you want if you are looking to transform your body and health responsibly."

Laura Franklin
Fresh and Frank




"Julian is an incredible trainer who has changed my life. I have previously done crossfit and weightlifting at other gyms, but what Julian does differently is he cultivates a lifestyle in his clients. He takes great care in pushing you to do your best, and to make sure things are done with proper form and after care. "

Cherry Rose Tan
Educator at The Heartful Life

"Julian's all about getting results while developing the mindset for long-term success. He's got the marks of greatness. There's no other trainers in the city like him. No doubt one of the best there is."   

Jay Wong
Founder of The Inner Changemaker Podcast


"Working with Julian was a deeply powerful and eye opening experience for me. Our workouts quickly became the highlight of my week and transformational experiences that impacted me not only on the physical level but also spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Julian has a simple and effective way of reconnecting you to your body and your breath that seems to bring on greater results in a shorter amount of time. He is able to easily pinpoint problem areas and body/muscle imbalances by watching you move and offers quick adjustments in your alignment to get back into perfect form.

He has a knack for empowering you to feel strong, confident and powerful in your body and I would highly recommend you work with him if you are looking for the best results on all levels of your being."

Jennifer Mansell
Chief Operating Officer at
Hungry for Happiness


"I noticed Julian's sincerity and passion for training since our first meeting. Unlike most of the other personal trainers I worked with in the past, Julian did not see me as another customer, on the contrary, he treated me as a friend.  He was genuinely interested and dedicated to improving my body and pushing me to my physical limits while also cultivating a healthier lifestyle.

Julian’s astute mind in developing personalized workout regimens and constant support pushing me through these regimens helped changed my view on personal trainers and going to the gym as a whole.

The time I spent with Julian have been an absolute joy. It was not easy, it was not always fun, but the hard work he inspired me to put in has definitely paid off. The time I spent with Julian has prepared me both mentally and physically. I've developed the workout techniques and strategies that I will be doing on my own moving forward. I have seen a significant improvement in my body and that is all thanks to Julian.
I can confidently recommend Julian to anyone wanting to take their body seriously. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.”  

Dr. Saadoun Bin-Hasan
Director of Sleep Research Centre
Al-Emadi Hospital.
Doha, Qatar.


"Working with Julian has been a fun and eye opening experience.  His individualized training program has helped to take my training to the next level.  His knowledge about training is evident but what really impressed me is his overall knowledge about the vast topics surrounding health and wellness.

Julian provides clear detailed instructions, simple and useful demonstrations, and most importantly, I felt that he was genuinely interested in guiding and supporting me in my health goals.

Whether it's discussion about health, wellness or training, Julian is clearly an expert in his field.  I highly recommend anyone at any level of training to take the unique journey to develop and work with Julian."

Richard Chan
High School Teacher
Toronto District School Board

"If you asked me before I started working with Julian I would say ‘I would never pay for a personal trainer. I don't need that.' Then I met Julian. What interests me most in working with Julian is his emphasis on: Mindset first; Nutrition second, and last but not least, Physique. 

Working with Julian has been an incredible experience. His knowledge not only on fitness, but nutrition, mobility, and mindset is impressive. 

I am now in the best shape of my life."

Jordan Starr
Professional Services Manager



"I have been training with Julian for about a year now and while I have tried trainers before, none had managed to both help me achieve my goals and be motivated to keep it up. I now do everything I can to protect the one day (sometimes more) a week that I train with Julian. Whatever your goals are, he will listen and identify how to help you reach them - for me the evidence speaks for itself and much to my surprise, I really enjoy the sessions."

Colin Shirriff
President & CEO
Avenue Skin Care


"Training with Julian was a great experience for me. His simple methodology around nutrition brings forth a heightened awareness around food that invokes a strong sense of accountability when it comes to food choice and portion size. His straightforward and succinct teaching style is highly effective. My confidence in my ability to change my body has never been higher." 

Artem Polyvanny Field Engineer S3 Group

"Julian has been my personal trainer since July 2014.  With his guidance, encouragement and training program, I have lost 30 lbs and reduced my bodyfat by 10%!  In addition, I am buying clothes that are four sizes smaller and I have received numerous compliments on how I look. Julian is patient and adapts the program to my particular needs and constraints and he is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Julian as a personal trainer for any fellow business owner."

Nasir Noormohamed President & CEO Drug Intelligence

"I am always impressed by Julian's attention to his client's unique strengths and needs in the class.  He builds a well balanced work out that always keeps you on your toes so you never feel bored, yet he always makes sure that you feel comfortable with the exercises and technique. He is also incredibly mindful of form, and injury prevention, and stays up to date with quality research in fitness and nutrition. No matter what your needs, I would highly recommend a training program with Julian." 

Abbey Sharp, RD Owner Abbey's Kitchen

"I thought I was in OK shape before I started with Julian, but after only 3 sessions I felt 50% stronger and even more motivated! 
Julian has a calm way of teaching methods that breaks things down to digestible chunks, and dispelled some myths I had about fitness training.
He pushes hard for me to do better and at the same time is encouraging and supportive."

Damian Chen President & CEO Colorshadow Communications

"Julian is an excellent personal trainer for my needs and I have seen significant progress under his guidance. His passion and drive for advancing his expertise in his field is impressive. Julian is a solid trainer that understands my personality and lifestyle as an entrepreneur and he will do the same for you."

James Perly President & CEO Perly Fullerton

"It has been an absolute pleasure being trained by Julian. The workouts were always tailored to my varying fitness goals, which included sprinting speed, stamina, and flexibility. As he instructs, he also teaches, leaving me with a greater understanding of the exercises, joints and muscles, and more motivation to keep training on my own. Our workouts are always challenging and push me further than I'm used to, and the results are showing. He is very personable and we hit it off immediately. He takes a genuine interest in his clients and gets to know them personally."

Arthur Lui, MBA Web Development Team Lead Mundo Media



"Julian keeps me motivated all the time to pursue my goals and stay focused. His character and personality makes me comfortable to ask questions and he helps improve my knowledge in each session. So far I have lost over 25lbs in 6 months and gained tremendous amount of muscle tone due to his accurate planning and commitment. Julian has entirely changed my fitness perspective and has made me believe in my capability to change my habits and exercise properly." 

Mahan Razagh, MBA President CWS

"I've been training with Julian for around two years now. I used to go to gym for many years before I started training with Julian, but he brought my training to a completely new level. My techniques have significantly improved as well as my understanding of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. In addition to being a professional high caliber trainer, Julian is a joyful individual. Training with Julian is exactly what I need after a hard working day or week."

Dr. Dmitry Vyushin, PhD. Director Global Risk Management Scotiabank