"So far I have lost over 25lbs in 6 months..."

"I have lost 30 lbs and reduced my bodyfat by 10%!"

"Training with Julian is exactly what I need..."





"I have been training with Julian for about a year now and while I have tried trainers before, none had managed to both help me achieve my goals and be motivated to keep it up. I now do everything I can to protect the one day (sometimes more) a week that I train with Julian. Whatever your goals are, he will listen and identify how to help you reach them - for me the evidence speaks for itself and much to my surprise, I really enjoy the sessions."

Colin Shirriff President & CEO Avenue Skin Care


"I thought I was in OK shape before I started with Julian, but after only 3 sessions I felt 50% stronger and even more motivated! 
Julian has a calm way of teaching methods that breaks things down to digestible chunks, and dispelled some myths I had about fitness training. Years later, he still pushes hard for me to do better and at the same time is encouraging and supportive."

Damian Chen President & CEO Colorshadow Communications

"Julian has been my personal trainer since July 2014.  With his guidance, encouragement and training program, I have lost 30 lbs and reduced my bodyfat by 10%!  In addition, I am buying clothes that are four sizes smaller and I have received numerous compliments on how I look. Julian is patient and adapts the program to my particular needs and constraints and he is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Julian as a personal trainer for any fellow business owner."

Nasir Noormohamed President & CEO Drug Intelligence

"Julian is an excellent personal trainer for my needs and I have seen significant progress under his guidance. His passion and drive for advancing his expertise in his field is impressive. Julian is a solid trainer that understands my personality and lifestyle as an entrepreneur and he will do the same for you."

James Perly President & CEO Perly Fullerton

"As a participant in Julian small group training sessions, I am always impressed by his attention to each participant's unique strengths and needs in the class.  He builds a well balanced work out that always keeps you on your toes so you never feel bored, yet he always makes sure that you feel comfortable with the exercises and technique. He is also incredibly mindful of form, and injury prevention, and stays up to date with quality research in fitness and nutrition. No matter what your needs, I would highly recommend a training program with Julian." 

Abbey Sharp, RD Owner Abbey's Kitchen



"Julian keeps me motivated all the time to pursue my goals and stay focused. His character and personality makes me comfortable to ask questions and he helps improve my knowledge in each session. So far I have lost over 25lbs in 6 months and gained tremendous amount of muscle tone due to his accurate planning and commitment. Julian has entirely changed my fitness perspective and has made me believe in my capability to change my habits and exercise properly." 

Mahan Razagh, MBA President CWS

"It has been an absolute pleasure being trained by Julian. The workouts were always tailored to my varying fitness goals, which included sprinting speed, stamina, and flexibility. As he instructs, he also teaches, leaving me with a greater understanding of the exercises, joints and muscles, and more motivation to keep training on my own. Our workouts are always challenging and push me further than I'm used to, and the results are showing. He is very personable and we hit it off immediately. He takes a genuine interest in his clients and gets to know them personally."

Arthur Lui, MBA Web Development Team Lead Mundo Media

"I've been training with Julian for around two years now. I used to go to gym for many years before I started training with Julian, but he brought my training to a completely new level. My techniques have significantly improved as well as my understanding of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. In addition to being a professional high caliber trainer, Julian is a joyful individual. Training with Julian is exactly what I need after a hard working day or week."

Dr. Dmitry Vyushin, PhD. Director Global Risk Management Scotiabank

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