massage & stretch therapy


I offer deep tissue massage and stretch therapy sessions geared towards improving workout performance and reducing risk of injury. This is accomplished by removing adhesions, scar tissue buildup, and releasing tension in specific muscles in order to improve joint flexibility in the target area. We can work the body as a whole for the therapeutic effect, or we can treat acute issues for which I've developed a specific combination of methods for.


Slouch Reversal
Spending months to years at a desk can cause the shoulders to slump forward into a semi-permanent slouch position. Lifting weights with your shoulders in an insecure position can cause a number of injuries such as tendon impingement, muscle tears, bursitis and more.
By understanding the structure of the shoulder and how to restore a flexibility balance to the area, you'll be able to sit up straight, lift pain free, and improve your posture permanently.

This combo is for you if:

  • You naturally have a "rounded shoulder" look to your posture.

  • Your shoulder hurts during or after your workouts.

  • You're dealing with recurring shoulder issues you want to finally heal.

  • Shoulder pain prevents you from performing certain upper body exercises.

Runner's Tune Up
These sessions revolve around the common and overlooked areas of the body that get overworked with a regular running routine.
During these sessions, the focus is on restoring and improving harmony of the muscles that surround the ankle, knee and hip, so that you can continue to run pain free.

This combo is for you if:

  • You are dealing with current or recurring shin splints.

  • Your knees hurt during or after running.

  • Your back hurts during or after running.

  • Knee pain prevents from running regularly or performing certain leg exercises.

Low Back Relief
Most of the clients I see that deal with lower back issues spend most of their time every day in a seated position.
Over time, this creates an imbalance in the hips that puts excess strain on the lower back and leads to chronic pain.
By releasing tension around the hips, you will feel a great amount of pain relief. You can work your way to maintaining a pain free back.

This combo is for you if:

  • You are dealing with current or recurring lower back pain.

  • Back pain stops you from performing certain exercises.

  • Your back hurts during or after work.

  • You've taking advil, tylenol or voltarin regularly as a coping mechanism.


Massage & Stretch Therapy sessions are $90 (plus HST) for a 60 minute session, or package of 6 for $499 (plus HST).