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  • 70 Yorkville Avenue
  • Toronto, ON, M5R 1B9
  • Canada

Does your back hurt after a long day?
Are you constantly bothered by neck pain after work?
Do you get this weird pain in your knee when you run or lift sometimes?

If you said yes to any of these, this workshop will teach you how to fix yourself.

In Return to Supple Muscles you'll learn how to:

1. Go through a full routine to release muscle knots and decrease tension all over your body
2. Release key points around the knee and upper back to reduce pain immediately (perfect for desk workers and runners)
3. Prevent common lower back and shoulder pain by releasing specific muscles around them (if you lift weights you NEED to know this!)
4. Tons of simple and straightforward techniques to prevent injuries and fix yourself!

You will leave with a highly enhanced understanding on proper warm up and post-workout routines to care for your muscles and stay working out injury free.

We'll be using a simple lacrosse ball, along with some key stretches, to open and release the tension our muscles are holding around the calves, glutes, shoulders, hip flexors, knee, upper back and others.

Lacrosse balls and mats will be provided.
Just bring comfortable clothing that you can move in. The workshop will be done in socks or barefoot. 


About the Host
Julian Thomas is a Certified Mobility and Movement Trainer and teaches business professionals who lift weights how to prevent common pains and injuries. He has studied under world renowned teachers in the field of mobility & flexibility and holds multiple certifications. Voted one of Toronto's Best Personal Trainers, Julian believes that an in-depth knowledge of mobility is the access to a long, healthy life of living and working out injury-free.