In 2015, I decided I wanted to have a bigger impact than simply 1-on-1 training. As I launched my own personal training business and got more involved with entrepreneur peer groups, I realized quickly that the journey I undertook to develop my ultimate physique was inspiring other guys when I told them. I started to get a lot of messages with questions about advice on this, or opinions on that. Somewhere over the course of the year, I began to form an idea to build a company that would specifically help guys who had the same problem I did - help them own their life to the highest degree by improving their confidence. By far, the most life changing challenge I ever took on, with the highest return on my time and effort, was to develop a powerful, masculine body. It instilled in me a confidence that spilled over into other areas of my life. It instilled in me a desire for growth in other areas of my life.

This was a big project, I thought. The mission to change thousands of lives is no small task. 

So I started looking for a partner. One that I respected, trusted, and was reliable. One that had a dedication to continuous learning like I did. Someone that behaved with professionalism. Someone that genuinely wanted to help people. And finally, someone that actually lived the life.

And so I found Ben.

Ben and I are on a mission. We want to inspire young men everywhere that they too can achieve the body of their dreams, and your entire life will change as a result. Using the systems and strategies that we have worked out over the course of many years, you will accomplish what we did in a fraction of the time it took us. 

Our main objective for 2016, is to complete a comprehensive course in achieving the ultimate male body. One that is both athletic and aesthetic, meaning it doesn't just look amazing, it performs incredibly as well.

Follow our journey as we set off into the abyss to create a lasting legacy.

The School of Muscle - Building the Ultimate Body

Launching late 2016